Basic Pancakes


It seems I’ve developed a Saturday tradition now that I’m marathon training.


I love them and I love trying out different recipes, add-ins and toppings. This simple, basic recipe is one I keep going back to, usually I add some blueberries to it. You can add chocolate chips, carob chips (next on my to try list), strawberries, top with almond butter, peanut butter, Greek yogurt or the old stand-by, maple syrup (go for organic)!

It’s always good to have a few basic, go-to recipes in your repertoire that you can tweak to your tastes for any given day~whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. So, here’s my basic pancake recipe:

1/4 Cup brown rice flour

1/8 Cup almond flour

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1  egg white

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 mashed banana

small amount of liquid (water, almond, soy, or dairy milk)

In a medium bowl, mix the dry ingredients together. In  a separate bowl, combine the egg white, vanilla and banana, mix until banana is well mashed. Add to the dry ingredients and stir. Add in enough liquid, a little at a time, until smooth and pourable.

Pour batter into a heated skillet (about medium heat)  lightly coated with your choice of oil. I usually make about 2 or 3 small-medium sized pancakes. Once the batter starts to bubble, I usually add in my blueberries (your choice or leave them plain!) right before I flip them over to cook on the other side.

Top with pure maple syrup or try some coconut butter! YUM!


My New Love Affair with Almond Flour


Back when I tried the “low carb” thing a few years ago, I heard a lot about almond flour but I’d never tried it. It’s a little on the expensive side when compared with other options and at that point it was better to distance myself from all things “bread” anyway. But since I’ve been eating clean, I’ve been broadening my horizons and reintroducing healthy carbs. And while it’s still a little more than I usually like to spend, I’ve found a way to stretch it, making it a more feasible staple.

First off, I don’t eat an abundance of baked goods anyway, so my use of flour substitutes is limited by that alone. Second, whatever the recipe calls for I’ve been subbing a mixture of half almond flour, half brown rice flour. It seems to work well and gives whatever you’re making a subtle nutty flavor and texture without changing the consistency too much (almond meal or flour is a little more coarser).

Serving for serving (1/4 cup) here’s how the two stack up (these examples are both Bob’s Red Mill brand):

Brown Rice Flour                                   Almond Flour

Calories:  140                                           Calories:  140

Fat: 1 g                                                     Fat: 14 g

Carbs:  31 g                                              Carbs:  6 g

Fiber:  2 g                                                 Fiber:  3 g

Protein:  3 g                                              Protein:  6 g

Cost: approx. $3/pound                            Cost:  approx. $10/pound

Just so you don’t have to do the math, here’s the breakdown for one serving (1/4 cup) of the hybrid:

Calories:  140

Fat: 7.5 g

Carbs:  18.5 g (wow!)

Fiber:  2.5 g

Protein:  4.5 g

Cost:  approx. $6.50/pound

I’ve used this combo in clean versions of muffins, pancakes and cookies. I’m still learning all its uses, but so far most of what I’ve attempted has turned out well. Expect to see more recipes in the upcoming posts using this mix!