Almost Perfect Pizza

Don’t let the name put you off from making this one! The only thing this “pizza” lacks is in the neatness category. Kind of like a Sloppy Joe. I was gladly up to the task of attempting to eat it without losing any toppings and in the end just scooped up the stragglers with a fork. Okay, so I ate it with my fingers. Don’t judge.

Here’s what I used, but just like with any pizza, you can change up the toppings to make it your own:

1 Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortilla

1 Tbs. tomato paste

pinch of garlic powder

pinch of Italian seasoning

Toppings I used:

1/3 C sauteed red onion

1/3 C sauteed green pepper

5 sauteed Brussels sprouts (cut into halves or quarters depending on size)

2 oz. grilled chicken

1 oz. goat cheese

This pizza crust bakes quick which is why my toppings were precooked. I mainly pulled leftovers from the fridge and used what I had but the combination was great. Don’t be afraid to experiment: I would’ve never thought to put Brussels sprouts on a pizza but it really added to it!

Now, put it all together:

Place the tortilla on a pizza stone or non-stick cookie sheet. Spread with tomato paste and sprinkle on seasonings.

2013-06-21 19.20.55

Pile on the toppings of choice and then crumble the goat cheese on the top. This went into a 350 oven for about 10 minutes. Just make sure you watch it closely as the cooking time will depend on your toppings. (Note: if you’ve never cooked with goat cheese, don’t expect it to get melty and gooey like mozzarella. It won’t.)

2013-06-21 19.27.05

Serves: Just for you!

Cal 382/Carbs 44/Fat 12/Protein 26


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