Food Prep Weekend

It’s finally the weekend and I’m so excited to try out some new recipes I’ve found online this past week! In a family of four, there are bound to be some differences in tastes. To say I’ve got a wide range in my household would be an understatement. My teenaged daughter is quasi-vegetarian, meaning the only meat she eats is poultry or seafood, my husband is the opposite, swearing off any sort of vegetable or fruit, and my youngest daughter falls somewhere in between, changing her likes and dislikes on a near weekly basis. I’m technically the only mostly “clean” eater in our house, but I’m hoping at least it’s not too late for some of my tastes to rub of on my kids! They are getting better about trying new things.

With so many varying tastebuds to please, food prep is essential and something I’ve been really trying harder to become better at. I’m pretty good when it comes to preparing my snacks and lunch the night before, but some evenings, after everyone else is taken care of, I glance at the clock only to realize that it’s after 9 pm and I haven’t even had my dinner yet!

That’s why I’m so excited to have a few extra hours this weekend to get a jump start on some real meal prep for myself and hopefully save myself some time during the week. I plan on taking plenty of pics and notes along the way so I can show you all the yummy, healthy results (and failures–but let’s hope those are few!) If you’re just starting out with clean eating, we can learn a few things together. And if you’re a pro at it, please feel free to offer me some pointers or share your favorite recipes along the way!



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